Why Adopt from Us?

Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is a boutique breed specific rescue uniquely qualified to improve the lives of misplaced border collies by placing them into homes matching the individual needs of each dog. Knowing and caring for this breed for more than 30 years has provided MABCR with the skills to take dogs from uncertain futures, and place them into caring, responsible homes.

MABCR is a 501(c)3 organization run primarily by volunteers who have direct knowledge of living and working with border collies. MABCR currently serves the Mid-Atlantic region — including Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and West Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia. We will consider applications outside of our normal coverage area on a case by case basis.

Get involved: Help us to Help Them

Sarah Ruckelshaus – Director
Skylar Landis – Assistant to the Director and in-house trainer
Barbara Ellis – Storekeeper

Each of our dogs are placed through a matching process – think eHarmony, not Tinder – that ensures each dog is placed into the best home for them – the best fit. Specific adoption requirements may vary between dogs, and is dependent on each dog’s individual needs.

If you are interested in being considered for one of our dogs, please see our FAQs, procedures, and our application for adoption.

Donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards the support and care of our furry guests! Your donation will help to support the ongoing needs of our rescue dogs – including food, medical care, enrichment, treats, and facility support and maintenance. Donations of any size (yes, really) are gratefully accepted. If you would like to support a specific project, please contact Sarah to discuss.

Our Services


Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is uniquely qualified to improve the lives of misplaced border collies due to many years of caring of experience.
Our residents are our primary client.


Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue works hard to help you to succeed with your new best friend. We have numerous opportunities for training for you and your dog, as well as providing online educational sources.


We work tirelessly to find the perfect home for each dog. We use an extensive system of checks and balances to ensure that each of our pups is placed into the best possible home for their needs.


Attend one of our events and learn more about the MABCR family of dedicated volunteers and supporters. We offer fun dog inclusive events, as well as social fundraising events.

What Drives Us – Our Mission

MABCR began with one mission in mind — to keep dogs in their homes — because we believed that dogs are best cared for by those who love them the most. Over the years, it has become apparent to us that many homes are simply not the right fit for the dogs they care for, no matter how much they love them, and we have evolved to become custodians of those dogs with the promise to find them a home that better suits their needs, and can provide them with a stable forever home. Our mission also encompasses dogs in shelters and rescues, as well as the occasional cat and barnyard critter. Making the right match between a pup and their new home is our greatest reward.

Get Involved

Boots on the ground support is always in high demand at MABCR – on-site and off. Our most sincere need is fundraising – it’s expensive to care for our charges.

There is no “typical” volunteering experience, rather, our volunteers tend to make their own way to find where they are most comfortable. Learn more here, and if you feel you have something to offer, please reach out and let us know. 



These VIRTUAL 5ks takes place in YOUR neighborhood or favorite place to get out and move! YOU decide when to run, walk, or crawl a 5k (or 5 1Ks) with your dog. 


Our 5 acre field is available for rental for playtime for you and your pups! For information, please email Sarah at SLR@mabcr.org.

A Few MABCR Dogs of Note

Scat detection dog for
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Finn is pictured here with
Chris Bartos, his initial trainer.
Bird Abatement
Governor’s Island New York
Maxie is pictured here with
Jim Reed who started the
GI abatement project.
New Jersey State Police
Wilderness Search & Rescue
Zeke is pictured here with
Brielle Shulz, owner/handler.

Pet Adoption Notes


Adoption is not for everyone, but it can be for most if you are careful and look for the right dog for your home, rather than looking for a pretty face with a fantasized personality and temperament. 
As rescuers, we acknowledge that there are some good reasons to buy vs adopt — is adoption the best route for you?


Look, we know our process is not for everyone, but we also know our process works, and works well when there is sincere and honest communication between potential adopters and the rescue organization – no matter what organization you are working with whether it is MABCR, or your local shelter. Think e-Harmony vs tinder…

We love staying engaged with our community and supporters through social media. We enjoy watching our alumni flourish in their news homes, sharing “pupdates” on our new intakes, and providing educational resources with dog owners to make them the best owners they can be!