Please review the FAQs below. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please reach out to our Executive Director, Sarah Ruckelshaus, at SLR@mabcr.org.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt from MABCR?

A: A $400.00 donation is required when you adopt a rescue Border Collie through MABCR – regardless of age or health status. Adoption fees help to offset the medical care, as well as the housing and feed needs of our dogs while they are in rescue. Without exception, fees are due at the time of adoption, and are payable by cash or check written to MABCR – there will be a 3% fee tacked on to any credit card payment. Should an adopter wish further exams, tests or x-rays, we are happy to provide these at the expense of the adopter; fees to be pre-paid, and are non-refundable. Note that occasionally dogs that have received special training will have a higher adoption fee. This will be noted in their description and will be reiterated at the time of offer. All adopters qualify for a $50 rebate for attending 8 weeks of group training classes within the first 6 months of the adoption.

Q: Are your dogs spayed or neutered before I adopt?

A: Any animal adopted through MABCR will have been spayed or neutered prior to the adoption – the exception being puppies, and that is on a case by case basis. In the case of placement prior to s/n, a deposit is required at the time of adoption. This deposit will be refunded in full upon proof of s/n prior to one year of age (no exceptions).

Q: Has the dog I am adopting been seen by a vet?

A:  All dogs in rescue have been seen by a veterinarian at least once immediately previous to, or during their intake process. Depending on the dog and situation, a dog may be seen multiple times. Each dog receives heartworm test/preventative when called for, as well as rabies, and DHLPP inoculations. All dogs are treated for parasites (multiple times depending on length of stay), and are given a general health screening.
PLEASE NOTE: X-rays, teeth cleanings and other non-emergency medical tests and services are not provided for unless requested by the adopter, are pre-paid by the adopter, and are non-refundable. As part of our placement contract, we require that once you have adopted a dog that you make an appointment with your personal vet within the first 14 days for a well visit. We recommend that you follow a regular inoculation program established by your veterinarian to guarantee your dog stays healthy – rabies vaccine is required for life. You will receive a medical history on your new dog (as best as can be determined or documented). Please be aware that many dogs do not come with fully documented medical records or histories. 

Q: I am interested in adopting an ESA or Psychiatric Service candidate. Is that something you can help me with?

A: MABCR is not equipped to appropriately assess mental health needs, therefore, we encourage applicants to research and reach out to organizations with that expertise such as Pets for Vets, Warrior Canine Connection, VetDogs, and K9s for Warriors. If they are unable to assist, they may be able to refer you to folks who can.

Q: Are MABCR dogs ‘tested’ with cats or children?

A: We share all known/trusted history regarding each dog. We do not ‘test’ dogs with cats or children as we feel testing is unreliable and inaccurate for long term placements, and frankly, we feel it is unfair to ask cats or kids to be guinea pigs for temperament testing. We have approximately 20 cats living on the farm, so we are able to gauge a general idea of how a dog will fare living with a cat. If we have been able to assess that, we will share in a dogs description. It should be expected that any dog in a new situation will need guidance and training in order to understand how to properly behave. A reminder that in some cases, resident cats also should be reminded to be polite 🙂

Q: Do I have to sign a contract in order to adopt?

A: All adopters of rescued animals will be required to sign an Adoption Agreement. This contract is legal and binding. Please read it carefully (see contract here) prior to applying to adopt. We will not alter our contract in order to secure placement for a dog.

Q:Why can’t I just pick the dog I want to adopt from your site?

A: Each border collie has a different personality and different needs.  While you may like the looks of one of our dogs, their personality may not suit you, and what you have to offer a dog.  We have dogs that are high drive, do not get along with cats, aren’t good with kids, etc.  We get to know our dogs and their quirks pretty well, so we know what their needs are, and the type of home they need in order to thrive.  Our goal is to make a placement that is going to last, which is why we put so much effort into getting to know you, and offering you the right dog.  Think eHarmony, not tinder.

Since we do not know you personally, the information we gather from the Adoption Process will help us to match you with the right kind of dog for your circumstances. We place the animals in our care only into appropriate, caring homes, and we screen prospective adopters thoroughly. Please know that this information is reviewed by a select few volunteers and is never made available to anyone outside of a very small staff of volunteers.

Q:  I have an e-fence.  Is that okay?

A:  We will not place Border Collies into homes where the primary mode of containment is an electric fence. Border Collies do not generally fare well with electric fences, and we will not knowingly place them into that situation.

Q: Must I have a hardscape fence in order to adopt?

A: We do not require a hardscape fence in order to adopt, however, we do take that factor into the matchmaking decision, as some dogs may require a fenced yard in order to be happy and well-adjusted.

Q:  How long does your application process take?

A:  There are many variables in processing an application.  If your application is complete – that is the best first step.  We do our best to process applications as quickly as possible, however, we are a volunteer organization and you should expect that your application will take 2-3 weeks to process (NOTE: COVID has caused an uptick in applications, causing our processing time to be longer).  Once your application is approved, you should be prepared to meet (and hopefully adopt) a dog fairly quickly (within a week of offer). If we do not have an appropriate dog for your home, there is no way to guess when we will have an appropriate dog.  In the event we do not have an appropriate dog, we will keep your application on file for a period of 6 months post approval.

Q:  Should I fill out an application to get the process started even if we are not sure we are ready to adopt?

A: No, you shouldn’t.  Please be sure that you are ready for the commitment it takes to own a dog before you complete your application. Owning a dog or adding another dog to your family will change your life.  We can help you prepare, but we cannot be sure that you are ready, only you can determine that. The application process takes resources from our volunteers, so please be 100% sure before you proceed. 

Q: I’m being conscious of my health, and would prefer to not have strangers in my home. Can I still apply?
A: Yes! We haven’t conducted on-site home visits since the beginning of the pandemic! All of our home studies are conducted via zoom! We still require all household members to be present, but have found our zoom home studies to be nearly as good as in person visits!

Q: Why does everyone have to be home at the time of the home study?

A: It is important that our volunteers get a full picture of your home environment, and that includes everyone who lives with you.  We check the yard, fencing, where the dog will be kept, as well as chat with the members of your family about their involvement and expectations.

Q: Does it matter that I applied with several rescues?

A: If you have applied with other rescue organizations or are considering another breed of dog, please let us know at the time of application as this will help facilitate the application process with MABCR.

Q: I want to meet Fido before I fill out an application to see if I like them and they likes me.

A: For many reasons, this is not possible, first being that we are not a public facility and are not open to the public, secondly (and more importantly) we simply do not have the staffing to allow for a meet and greet without an approved application.

Is your question not answered above? Please complete the form below and we’ll e-mail you back!

Q: I am unable to travel to your location, I want someone to bring the dog to me.

A: For many reasons, we do not ship or transport dogs. If you would like to adopt through MABCR, you must be willing to travel to our location to meet your dog, and you must be able to provide ground transport — with you accompanying — for your new dog to their new home.

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